Pool Cover FAQ

What are the advantages of a pool cover?

The first advantage to having a pool cover is safety, it is a barrier for children and pets. A pool cover will also cut operational costs as it restricts chemical and water evaporation as well as help preserve heat in the pool. A convenience factor of a pool cover is that it will greatly reduce the amount of debris that enter the water. An automatic pool cover can be opened or closed with the ease of a switch.

Does this cover heat my pool?

We find that the pool cover does absorb heat from the sun into the pool water through solar gain. Darker colored pool cover fabrics tend to add a few additional degrees to the water temperature than the lighter colors. A pool cover helps retain the heat through cool evening temperatures and cuts energy costs.

Does Mossman Pool Covers only work on Cover Pools brand?

We are a dealer for Cover Pools, however our technicians have years of experience servicing a wide variety of pool cover brands. We do have access to all parts for all brands.

How difficult is it to operate the cover?

Just about anyone can operate our pool covers, as long as they have a key or PIN number. The key or touch pad is pressed until the pool is fully opened or fully closed, then the key or touch pad is released. The key is removable and the touch pad times out 15 seconds after the PIN has been entered. A key system is standard and a touch pad system is an optional upgrade.

How much weight can these covers hold?

These covers are very strong and can support the weight of an adult or child, although it is not recommended, an adult could easily walk across the cover with no problem. In fact our brochure shows a picture of over a dozen members of the factory’s staff standing on a cover on a pool.

Does a cover help my pool in the winter?

Absolutely! The cover helps retain winterizing chemicals, helps protect from the harsh winter climate, and keeps debris out of the pool all winter long.

Which cover is right for my pool?

Large free form pools with obstructions like steps or rocks/bolders around the pool would benefit from an anchor down cover. A rectangular pool would be best for an automatic cover. A free form pool that has no obstructions could also benefit from an automatic cover. Each pool has a cover that is right for it and we can help pick it out!