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Not All Dogs Can Swim – Protect Your Dog From The Pool

Although most dogs are born with the strong natural instinct to start “doggie paddling” if they inadvertently find themselves in water, it doesn’t mean that all dog breeds are champion swimmers or even that they can stay afloat for very long. Some of them will sink like stones to the bottom of a pool within a few seconds, many will Continue Reading...

Pool Fencing Ideas in Albuquerque

Albuquerque has one of the finest climates for a pool in the entire United States. The combination of warm weather and beaming sunshine make a great environment for a pool. Not to mention the dry climate during the summer and winter months. Not only is a pool an enjoyable feature to a home, it can make a great investment. A Continue Reading...

How To Pick The Right Color Pool Fence In Albuquerque

Choosing a pool fence color that compliments your home is imperative to offering a fully pleasant swimming experience for you and your guests. Here are some basic ways to choose colors that will go well with your pool. Use the Colors That are Already Part of Your Home’s Exterior   You could use a color from the palette that your Continue Reading...