Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers provide many benefits.

First and foremost is safety! These covers act as a shield for children and/or pets that may fall into a pool. These covers are made out of a very strong vinyl material that can hold a whole family on top with no problem! Safety should never be an option, and we can cover just about any new or existing pool with an automatic pool cover, but if we can’t fit an automatic cover there is still a realm of options we can provide.

automatic pool covers new mexico


Another huge benefit of having an automatic pool cover is lowering the cost and effort of pool maintenance! The sun can cause evaporation of chemicals and water right out of your pool, but a cover can help prevent this.

Are you tired of always having to skim and vacuum your pool because it is dirty? Well, an automatic pool cover can help keep unwanted leaves and debris out of your pool water. Automatic pool covers also cut back heating expenses because they cut down on heat loss at night and can even help with solar gain during the day!

The options are endless with our automatic pool covers, available in 11 different standard colors, as well as custom colors to perfectly match your custom deck and/or surroundings.



There are several operating systems from a simple key switch with a removable key, to a touch pad remote with a personalized PIN number. There are several track options that the pool cover runs through, from underneath the coping or deck edge, to flush mounted track in the pool or also universal style track for existing pools and special shapes.

The pool cover mechanism can be mounted neatly in the ground (sub-grade) and covered by a aluminum or stone lid, or it can be mounted on the top of the deck with a bench built around it out of stained redwood or we also offer a prefabricated ever-last bench system!

The sky is the limit for options with our top of the line COVER POOLS brand systems.