Anchored Pool Covers

Winter / Anchored Down pool covers

If your pool cannot accommodate an automatic style cover, a mesh anchored down cover is your solution! The MEYCO brand, and Loop Loc brand covers can be custom made to fit just about any pool. Rock waterfalls, steps, hand rails, diving boards, or special shape pools are no match for these covers. As long as there is a solid deck surrounding most of the pool, we can cover it.

There are 3 options to these covers: the traditional mesh, the rugged mesh, and a solid material. Each one has a special purpose.

The traditional mesh is our most popular winter cover, simple and easy to maneuver while still keeping leaves and large debris out of the pool all winter long.

The rugged mesh is a thicker mesh that can withstand a more harsh environment, for example if there are large trees or lots of dirt nearby. This cover can hold a heavier weight load and also help keep finer particles out of the pool.

The solid style anchored down cover keeps virtually all debris and dirt out of the pool for a clean pool opening every spring.

Each winter cover still has an incredible safety factor and will withstand hundreds of pounds of weight without damaging the cover! These anchored down winter pool covers will help seal up your pool for a long winters nap.

anchored pool covers

Mesh Anchor Pool Cover